Working with one another is how humans have crafted society and it is also the way that we will progress through technological developments.

Humans working with other humans is the way that we have operated for thousands of years. There have been a few industrial revolutions over the past few centuries and the way of life for humans has been affected by these revolutions. The age of the internet and appearance of automated intelligence have placed us in a new industrial revolution. The way for us to keep moving forward in this era is to work together to learn which human roles have changed and the new roles that are created. Recent events have advanced the way we work with each other through technology as teleconferences and grocery applications become a part of our daily lives.

theZAP acknowledges that the integration of people and technology is accelerating and shows no sign of slowing down. We want to make sure that humanity is not left behind and the way to do that is for us all to work together. Human alliance is necessary for us to catch up to the runaway train that technology has become.